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Pre-School dance at  Dance Space is a passion for our Teachers and it would be a delight to teach your little one!


Our Specialized Toddler, Pre School  and Entry Level Dance Curriculum is designed to be educational, age appropriate, fun, 

exciting and entertaining.

Our Pre-School dance classes include:

  • Glitter Bugs (18mths-3yr)

  • Twinker Bells (3-4yr)

  • Boy Patrol (3-5yr)

  • Bump 'n Jazz (Hip Hop & Jazz) (4-5yr)

  • Tutu's & Tap Shoes (Ballet & Tap)(3-4yr)

Book your 1 x Free Trial Class today! 


There are short-cuts to happiness,and dancing is one of them

Vicky Baum


SPECIALIZED Pre School  Dance Curriculum

is designed to be educational, age appropriate, fun, exciting

and entertaining. 


Getting our little ones more active, we concentrate on musicality and rhythm, and through dance they can explore and control their body movements.  These activities are great for development and stimulate connections in the growing brain to be more proactive.

Expressing themselves, engaging in being creative and imagination releasing emotions, bringing students together with songs and actions lets them interact and connect with others and develops communication skills. Developing listening and social skills in dance class will give them self-confidence that will prepare them for big school.

Students learn skills like balance, control and coordination, physical fitness and overall good health and concentration.

Pre-School Classes go up to the ages specified. When your pre-schooler has their birthday, they move up to the next level into our Entry Level classes. 

Our Entry Level classes include:

  • Acro (5yr)

  • Ballet (4yr)

  • Hip Hop (5yr)

  • Jazz (4yr)

  • Musical Theatre (5yr)

  • Tap (5yr)

We concentrate on each student as an individual

and give them the attention they deserve.


We encourage our preschool students to attend consistently as we’ve seen with experience that Students thrive in organized environments with routines.  It gives them a sense of security and builds momentum to ensure effective class time.

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