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Dance Space is a fun loving Boutique Dance Studio fostering a love for dance that will stay with you forever.

With all the different dance genres 

Acro Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop,

Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap 

that we teach, we have an all-round ability to help students grow, working towards a goal that is always rewarding for students. We pride ourselves in building a fun future in dance.

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At Dance Space everyone can enjoy to learn how to dance regardless of age or ability. Our approach is kind and encouraging, building friendships that will last forever. 

We specialize in our Pre School classes where we make new friends, build confidence and have fun.


Our  "Boys Only" Hip Hop & Tap Dance Classes should not be underestimated as it builds so much confidence and strength.


Our Exam Classes are not only for the dancer who  aims to progress and succeed, but also for the dancer that is not so serious, and only wants to dance for fun.


Our Musical Theatre classes are the heart of the studio where all the fun begins as we flourish with talent and excitement in the Performing Arts

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Class numbers are kept to an absolute minimum to ensure students fulfill their potential. We concentrate on each student as an individual and give them the attention they deserve.

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Our approach is kind and encouraging, having respect and love for all students, parents and teachers.

the arts, it has been said, cannot change the world,

but they may change human beings who might change the world