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Some Testimonials that we love to share!
Being part of so many wonderful families makes us humble knowing that they are part of our lives.
Building memories that we will keep in our hearts forever…….


Honestly you guys are amazing and have created a really special memory for me. I appreciate you guys so much !!!!!!!!!!

Lauren (Lola’s Mum)



Big thank you from us for such an amazingly organised production! What a great show it was, so much effort put into it! Kids loved it and we were absolutely delighted!

Eve and Scott (Mila and Lev's Mum and Dad)


THANK YOU! for such an amazing show, its great to be part of such a great dance school. Both our girls were very nervous but absolutely loved the whole experience!

Many thanks
Sarah (Charlotte and Chloe's Mum)


Thank you Varushca and Vanessa for all the hard work you put into the show you are 🌟 🤩 ⭐ 🥰👍👏👏👏👏

Sally (Adult Tapper)


Thank you! I personally know the work you have all put in to make this such a fun time and great experience for the dancers and family. Indie loved it, especially going on the stage, getting dressed up and performing. I think she had the ‘bug’. 

Warmest wishes to you all,

Bess (Indie and Blake's Grandma)



The show was absolutely fab! Thanks so much for the really hard work that went into this. It showed. Everyone must be exhausted. Having the experienced dancers alongside the children was magic and gave them such confidence. The end result was so heart-warming and charming. The little ones all did so well on the day and they looked amazing. I was so proud of Ava who was not feeling the best that morning but she rallied anyway and remembered most of her steps 😊. 

We made wonderful memories on Saturday. My teacher friend who is on holiday from UK came along and thought it was completely marvellous.

Love and kisses

Sandy (Ava's Grandma)


Emily loved her Genie dancing concert, afterwards she kept on saying did you see me... can we do it again. I'm so proud of her getting on stage and very impressed that she was doing the routine considering she has only been going for four times and this is her first time on stage.

I would like to thank the teachers for supporting Emily throughout the concert, backstage and especially the teacher who held Emily's hand whilst on stage, Emily has taken a liking to you and was very comfortable.

I would like to thank all the crews involved, her direct teachers and all the people that put in the hard work to coordinate such an enormous task.

Thank you from a very proud dad and mum, memories have been created 

See you soon

Andrew and Melissa (Emily and Natalie's Dad and Mum)


Thank you for a wonderful year of dancing and caring for Hailey.  I quote Hailey once said few weeks ago, "I will follow Miss Varushca to become a beautiful ballerina". It was great to hear she still enjoy the ballet classes and have some great dance friends.  

Warm regards

Carmen (Hailey's Mum)


She’s really loved her dancing this year, so thanks to you and Hope for the wonderful teaching. 


Nikki (Kiara's Mum)


Thank you for all your amazing work with Isla this year. She has developed a fierce passion for her dancing and a lot of credit goes to you as teachers who support and nurture her desire to dance. 

Kind regards 

Jen (Isla's Mum)


Thanks for all your hard work Varushca and the rest of the team! So proud of the Ek’statik kids, they did so well!

Caroline (Harriet and Georgia's Mum)



Thanks so much Varushca for a wonderful show ❤ it was so much fun and Lucy is on such a high, a big thing for a little 3 year old but was a great success so thanks so much x

Alannah (Lucy's Mum)


Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you. All of your hard work and effort is so appreciated! The show was amazing and such an excellent opportunity for our littles ones to step on a big stage and have such a wonderful experience x

Michelle (Brooke's Mum)


Many thanks, Varushca and your lovely team. It was a shakey start with Sidney but before and after the performance she was over the moon. Wonderful.

Lynda (Sidney's Grandma)



That was just too cute! What a great production. And the kids did so well on stage.

Stephanie (Georgia's Mum)


It was so amazing! Thanks so much Varushca for an amazing production! They did so well!!

Georgia (Tilly and Zoe's Mum)


Was so lovely! Well done everyone. Chloe's still talking about her show 🥰

Mikaela (Chloe's Mum)


It was the absolute best! They were amazing super proud of them all. And thank you so much was the cutest show 🥰

Kristie (Marco's Mum)


So good so proud!!! 🥰🥰 yes thanks so much for all your hard work!!

Rachel (Hazel's Mum)


Thanks so much for an awesome show! They loved it! Can’t believe how well everyone did!

Kate (Rosie's Mum)


"Dance Space is the most welcoming, encouraging, and nurturing dance school we have ever been involved with.  Our girls have thrived since joining the dance space family and love their dancing. They are now doing multiple classes four times a week and would do more if they could :) 

Miss Vanessa and Miss Varushca and their lovely team of teachers are such special people and we can't imagine them not being in our lives! Thank you so much for all you do for our family!" 

Angela (Tara and Sabrina's Mum) 


"Our daughter absolutely loves coming to Dance Space. Her confidence grows each week and the teacher is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much Dance Space, we’re so happy we found your studio!"

 Gina (Amelia's Mum)


"I just want to say thank you so much for making the class available for us to start tap lessons with you again yesterday! It hasn’t been a small deal moving countries and back, and walking into Dance Space felt so welcoming and familiar like coming home to family :)"

Michelle (Abigail's Mum)


"It has been wonderful watching them develop their confidence in dance and all due to the amazing teaching." 

Bess (Indie and Blake's Nanna)


Every dance you make belongs to you. It is part of your collection. When you think of it like that, you’ll want to make your next routine the best you’ve ever made!
-Torron-Lee Dewar

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