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Where we teach the body and soul to live out the arts!

Acro Dance 

[ ak-roh dans, dahns ] noun

is a dance genre that combines Acrobatic elements with any other dance genre. 

Acro Dance has this fascinating choreography that captures the audience attention in a mesmerizing way.

This is a challenging Dance form and it will benefit the Dancer in all other dance genres as it improves flexibility and strength.

Acro Dancers must be in excellent physical condition because acro dance is a physically demanding activity.

If you like to bend backward, stand on your head, do cartwheels etc.  this is the class for you!

Acro Jnr.png


technique forms the basis of all other dance styles and helps to give

your other dance styles extra control.


Yes, it’s hard work, and maybe the most difficult dance style to master, but the joy that you get out of it is magical.



dance is an expressive dance form that combines ballet and modern dance technique,

contractions with release, strong floor work using gravity to pull the body

down to the floor, with fall and recovery. 


It shows a uniqueness of movement, allowing the dancer's body

to show no restrictions of their innermost feelings. 


Hip Hop

is a very energetic form of dance.


It appeals to many young dancers in such a way that the dance style becomes an informal and explosive one.  


Hip Hop Dance has a fusion of styles using funky street moves

with Jazz technique and breaking, locking, popping,

jumps and rotations that are combined with the beat and rhythm

of the latest sounds in Hip Hop, r&b and pop music.


Hip Hop produces strong, fit dancers with attitude.

20210706_085836-removebg-preview (1).png


is a dance form that explodes with Excitement!

It's a dance consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork and big leaps and turns

that showcase a dancers individual style and originality.

In a Jazz class a dancer is encouraged to add their own personality,

individual style and originality to interpret and execute

moves and steps in their own way. 


Do you want to sing, dance and act?


This is the class for you!

our Musical Theatre classes educate students of the history and evolution

of musical theatre styles by exposing them to the core classic and contemporary genres

within musical theatre


Have you ever made music with your feet?

With Tap you can!  


As a tap dancer, you will learn old school

and modern tap styles,

with emphasis on



and musicality.

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