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Dance Space


Family atmosphere with lots of love and attention.

Dancing, Singing, Acting,

and more around the performing arts!

What more can we say!

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If you want to dance, create and have fun this holiday?

Flick us an email!

More about the Brave@ Heart Tribe workshops on the 22/23 April 2021.

Brave @ Heart Tribe provides fun, creative and interactive well-being workshops for girls and boys aged 7 – 12 years. 


Our mission is to foster a positive mindset and resilience in both girls and boys at a young age, before they embark on their teenage years and are exposed to the powerful world of social media.


Our workshops are based on positive psychology principles and delivered by way of fun, creative and engaging activities.


Girls and boys come away from our workshops knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives and with increased social awareness.


We'll be running the SHINE workshop for girls, and the TRIBE workshop for boys.

In both workshops we will explore identity, strengths, friendship, resilience, relaxation, growth mindset and gratitude through active games, art/craft, drama, vibrant discussion and group work.


We rotate different workshops throughout the year, all focusing on the same important topics but in each workshop, the activities change. This way, your child can attend multiple workshops without repeating the same activities.


All participants receive a certificate of completion and a gift bag at the end of the session. Kids need to wear comfortable clothing and bring their water bottle and own lunchbox (no nuts) for morning tea as well as lunch.


Please note that availability is extremely limited. Space will be secured once full payment has been made. 

for more info: Burnedette Oosthuizen

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